A cheese igloo? Absolutely!

Tis this the season for vendor gifts, pot luck events and endless chocolate and pecans.


My all-time favorite food delivery: cheese igloo with olive penguins.

Cheese Igloo


An eventful morning in Branson

This morning was filled with moments (hopefully unforgettable) showcasing everything Branson has to offer:

1. Hospitality: After a meeting with the Titanic – the World’s Largest Museum Attraction, (http://www.titanicbranson.com/), I was given a “Captain” teddy bear, wonderful hostpitality.


2. Manners: At lunch (at the nicest local deli: Vaskens,

http://vaskensdeli.com/) the man at the next table opened his bag of chips with a pocket knife (vs. the typical pull apart method)

3. Sights: Driving back to the office we passed a 8 foot+ statue of a pharaoh, I asked “Why is there 8 foot pharaoh?” without missing a beat, my boss said “It’s for the Joseph show” like it was a normal sight.

4. Tastes: “It’s like eating art.” We received a vendor gift of the most beautiful chocolates…I tried the raspberry, delicious!

Christopher Elbow chocolates


10 Things that made me SMILE in November

10. OU beating OSU in overtime. Even though it was a rocky start in more ways than one, this game ended up being my most favorite of the season + got to enjoy it in Norman with my family!


9. The gift of a Texas cactus…he has made it to Branson & his name is Mr. Tex.


8. Packing, moving and driving to Branson, MO safely. My first day as the Communications Director of Kanakuk 11/17. http://insidekanakuk.com/2012/12/04/welcoming-our-new-communications-director-susan-vermillion/

7. Going back to Kappa Alpha Theta’s 5K run with Anne & Paige, then wandering around the house & reminiscing about all the amazing friendships and fond memories.


6. Reading Andre Agassi’s autobiography: “Open” He lets you come along side his story, learning about his endorsements, rebel days and marriage(s). It has converted me from a Sampras to an Agassi fan, I know, amazing.


5. Amazing friends, and so many reminders why our stories are connected.

4. The birth of Bennett, and thinking about Brooks being his big brother teaching him about dinosaurs.


3. My grandma putting Kleenex in her ears before the previews of Argo…before the movie had started, she was asking “what did they say?”*

2. A pizza party send-off from my community group.


1. Time at home for Thanksgiving, baking with my mom, going to the movies & seeing friends

*actually instead of a smile, this made me laugh out loud.

My favorite month of the year!

I usually don’t like how much orange comes out for October, but even that seems okay this year.

And here are the top 10 reasons October was my favorite month so far:

10. OU beat texas by A LOT…Boomer!

9. My birthday celebration at Tillman’s & the Bob Schneider concert

Gals night out @ Tillman’s Roadhouse & The Kessler Theater!

8. The most thoughtful present from Kristin…Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows quote on why a couple of days in Oklahoma makes life better (it’s true)

7. Anne, Charisse, Zak & the Mordy’s visited Colemillion condo

6. Painting class w/ Jen

5. Riding the Ferris wheel at the Texas state fair

4. Sur La Table Cooking Class w/ Tory & Damien + the after party @ Toulouse

3. Seeing out of town friends!

2. Hostessing my parents & Aunt Bonnie, and visiting the Dallas Arboretum

AND the #1 reason I love October this year…
1. I accepted a dream job as Communications Director @ Kanakuk Kamps, a Christian sports camp in Branson, MO (yes, that’s Branson Missouri, no, I will not live in a cabin, and no, you don’t have to write me everyday like I’m going to camp, but you do know I love real mail!)

Santa Fe: “Best Of”

Best coffee shop in town: The Station (next to the railroad) – the cappuccino’s are prepared with care and so smooth.

Best Pastries in town: The French Pastry Shop – I could eat a palmier every day for the rest of my life!!

Best authentic Mexican food: it’s up for debate. My Dad’s favorite is The Shed, and my favorite is Tomasita’s.

Best Spa: Ten Thousand Waves, nestled in the mountains, complemented with excellent staff, it is amazing.

Santa Fe: Mr. Stiha is a family favorite!

I have so many memories of Mr. Stiha when I was a child that I don’t even know how to say his first name (did you grow up like us? Never call an adult by their first name? PS Mom, I like that you taught us that.)

Twenty years later, as I wandered into galleries in Santa Fe, I found myself asking if they showed his work and revisiting those memories.

And over the few days in Santa Fe, new questions came up for my dad.
I learned that when the Stiha’s built a new house it had 2 kitchens because Mr. Stiha wasn’t allowed to “cook his damn fish” in Mrs. Stiha’s Kitchen.
I learned that my parents bought their first Stiha in the 70s and it is on loan now hanging in the turquoise bathroom @ Colemillion.
I learned that I can like Stiha’s work even more as an adult.

Santa Fe: Art Class

My dad and I recently took a trip to Santa Fe, NM. With it’s rich history, great art galleries and incredible food, it’s a family favorite. This will be the first of several glimpses of our trip.

“I don’t want to get my hands dirty”

Unfortunately, the art class is in pastels, and they are messy. In a chalky, dusty, get everywhere kind of way. After we got over the fact that we would get dirty, we had a great time & agreed we would stick to painting 🙂

My dad is more creative than we have ever known, I like that we’re seeing some of it!